Bonnie Jade Bracken
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Bonnie “Jade” Bracken was a 50's kid born in Park City Utah into an adventurous family with four kids and her nature loving, resourceful parents.  Her mother, who loved anthropology and all manner of wild crafting, was a perfect match for her geologist dad who often worked as a mining engineer.  The family frequently lived in mountain areas full of wild life, rocks and nature, before moving to Alaska when Jade was 10 years old.   All her life, Jade has loved to roam the woods, playing with materials and places, and observing the changing seasons.  As a child, whether she was ice skating on a pond, talking to old timers with her dad, gathering cat tails, using bow and arrows, or weaving May baskets, Jade never lacked for curiosity, imagination, and skill. 


Following her wild frontier teenage years with stints in theatre and music, teaching and marriage, Jade and her husband restored a century old homestead in British Columbia. For 13 years, Jade and her young family lived off the grid, canning salmon, homesteading with a hand pump and wood stove, and making their own windows, all of which just put further polish on Jade's extensive fount of outdoor and wilderness wisdom, precious information which can not really be learned in books but is best passed along in person.

The next decades saw Jade participate again in interactive theatre and the strong performing arts community of the Pacific Northwest.  She worked with young people for many years, specializing in arts and crafts education as well as special needs people of every age.  She worked regularly with children, in the 70's in Mendocino and again during the Vancouver Folk Festival in the early 80's.  In between Jade spent time learning a variety of applied arts skills including fiber arts and making leaded glass windows, wood carving and tile laying. 

Her spiritual education was equally comprehensive and diverse, working with Cherokee, Lummi, Squamish and various other Native American, as well as Asian modalities, resulting in a well rounded grounding in rich spiritual traditions of the West Coast.  Currently she is an active member of the Central Coast's Circles of Empowerment based in Arroyo Grande, California.

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